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nature, Branch and Leaves Handmade Pendant



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Do autumnyou autumnlove autumnnature autumnand autumnthe autumnwonderful autumnlook autumnof autumntrees? autumnIf autumnso autumnthis autumnpendant autumnis autumnperfect autumnfor autumnyou. autumnHand autumnmolded autumnout autumnof autumna autumnwonderful autumnlightweight autumnsturdy autumnclay autumncalled autumnpaperclay autumnand autumnpainted autumnby autumnhand autumn autumnin autumnshades autumnof autumngreen, autumngold, autumnand autumnmore.. autumn\r\rThe autumnpendant autumnis autumnthen autumnsealed autumnwith autumna autumndurable autumnglossy autumnindoor/outdoor autumnsealer autumnto autumngive autumnit autumnlots autumnof autumnsparkle autumnand autumnshine. autumn autumnBelow autumnthe autumnpendant autumnI autumnadded autumnjust autumna autumnfew autumnbeads autumnto autumngive autumnit autumnmovement autumnwhen autumnworn.\r\rPendant autumnmeasures autumnslightly autumnover autumn3 autumn autumninches autumnlong autumnincluding autumnthe autumnbail autumnat autumnthe autumntop autumnand autumnthe autumnbeads autumnat autumnthe autumnbottom autumnof autumnthe autumnpiece autumnand autumnslightly autumnunder autumn1 autumn3/16 autumninches autumnwide autumnat autumnthe autumnwidest autumnpoint.\r\rChain autumnshown autumnin autumnpicture autumnnot autumnincluded, autumnfree autumnhand autumndecorated autumngift autumnbox autumnand autumncord autumnare autumnincluded autumnwith autumnpendant. autumn autumn autumnBuy autumnmore autumnthan autumnone autumnitem autumnand autumnchoose autumnto autumnhave autumnthem autumnshipped autumntogether autumnand autumnsave autumnon autumnshipping.

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