Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metalwork, Hand Sculpted Gold Tone Cast Metal Spider Web Brooch Pin



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Metal spiderspider spiderweb spiderpin spidercast spiderfrom spideran spideroriginal spidermodel spiderI spidersculpted, spiderhand spiderfinished. spiderMy spidersignature spidertag spideris spideron spiderthe spiderback. spiderIt spidermeasures spider1 spider1\\/2 spiderinches spiderby spider1 spider1\\/2 spiderinches.Pewter spiderbase spidermetal, spider24K spidergold spiderplate, spiderstainless spidersteel spiderfindings.My spiderhandmade spiderjewelry spiderhas spiderbeen spidersold spiderin spiderbetter spiderstores spidersuch spideras spiderSaks spiderand spiderBarneys spiderand spiderfeatured spiderin spiderNew spiderYork spiderMagazine, spiderElle, spiderHarper's spiderBazaar, spiderand spiderVogue. spiderI spideralso spiderdesigned spiderhand spiderfinished spiderbuttons spiderfor spiderSteve spiderFabrikant spiderand spiderother spiderNYC spiderdesigners spiderfor spidermany spideryears.Please spiderfollow spidermy spiderFacebook spiderweight spideris spider0.10 spiderpounds. spiderPlease spiderpay spiderat spidertime spiderof spiderpurchase.

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