Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ribbon Beaded Necklace In Lavenderbold, Copperbold, And Cream



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This coppernecklace copperfeatures copperlarge copperiridescent copperlavender copperbeads copperwith coppercopper copperfiligree coppercaps. copper copperBetween coppereach copperlavender copperbead copperis coppercream coppercolored copperbaroque copperglass copperpearls. copper copperMulticolored copperRibbon copperis coppercaptured copperat coppereach copperend copperwith coppercopper copperclips copperand copperclosures. copper copperIt copperis coppertruly coppera copperbeautiful coppernecklace.\r\rThe copperNecklace coppermeasures copper22 copperinches copperwhich copperis coppermatinee. copper copperIf copperyou copperlike copperto copperwear copperyour coppernecklaces coppershorter, copperlet copperme copperknow copperin copperthe coppernotes. copper copperI copperwill copperadjust copperthe coppersize copperat copperno copperextra coppercharge.\r\rI coppergenerally coppership copperbetween copper1 copperto copper2 copperdays copperafter copperpayment copperis copperreceived. copperI coppership copperfirst copperclass copperwith copperdelivery copperconfirmation. copperPlease copperconvo copperme coppershould copperyou copperhave copperany copperquestions.

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